Come Along to the Post Office Broad Band Free Digital Drop-In Service Across the UK

Being born in the middle of the 1980s meant that technology for me was non-existent. I was pleased I had a TV in my room even though I had to get up to change the channel, which now seems laughable. Then throughout University technology seemed to come on leaps and bounds. I went from having a small black and white Nokia (everyone had one right?) and a CD Walkman to a slick smartphone that could play music while I browsed the web. I think if you even told me ten years ago that we’d have smart TVs and technology running our homes I wouldn’t have believed you. Now, I can’t remember a life without my phone or Alexa, and neither can my kids!

I find how quick technology has entered into our world amazing. Even my mid-fifties dad can email and loves Facetime but using it on a day to day basis is enough to bring him to frustrated tears. Now that most of our life is automatized and available instantly, he gets easily overwhelmed and annoyed that he can’t work it all out.

Post Office Broad Band Free Digital Drop-In 1

So it’s completely understandable that one in five of us in Southampton feel left behind by the digital revolution and that more than half of us struggle to keep up with all the new technology coming out.

Overall, a fifth of us lack the confidence using everyday devices, with more than three quarters of us saying that some support to improve tech skills would be welcomed, the Post Office Broadband has joined forces with Google Digital Garage to launch digital drop-ins across the country to help close the skills gap and boost the nations digital confidence.

These digital drop ins are being held across a number of UK libraries and offer a relaxed space for attendees to ask any questions they may have and learn how to get the very best from their internet enabled devices and from the Internet as a whole.

These drop-ins will get underway in Plymouth, Cardiff, Leeds, Norwich, Belfast and Southampton, with these cities deemed to be the least digitally confident.

Post Office Broad Band Free Digital Drop-In

Workshops will be held as one to one sessions and group workshops, and will cover subjects like ‘Device Advice’, ‘Staying Safe Online’ and ‘Getting Started online.’ They are free and open to anyone who wants to grow their confidence, career or business online.

On Friday 6th July from 10am to 1pm,  I will be attending the Southampton drop-in and I really hope to see you there!

For more information or to register your interest in attending a Post Office and Google Digital Garage Drop-in visit: or call 0800 068 1791.

** This is a collaborative post. I will be attending the drop-in and compensated for my time. **


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