Time to re-focus now school’s back…

7 weeks of having my eldest at home went very quickly,  some days though it went veeeeeeeery slowly. Now school’s in I miss the little monkey, our brains are funny like that aren’t they, some days bedtime can’t come quick enough but if you’re anything like me once heads are on pillows, you potter about doing the washing,  tidying toys away or doing some work instead of putting your feet up which you’ve been dreaming of since 9am. That’s mum life I suppose.

Children being back at school does mean we can focus on that all important me time, something if you’re anything like me, you criminally neglect. But what does me time actually mean, I had a think about my friends and what they do in their me time and came up with this list;

Spa days/beauty treatments
Socialising (aka boozing)

Personally I need time to sweat, get out on the road but number two for me is my career, I’m no high flyer but I have ambitions and when there’s two very small people vying for you attention all day, and sometimes all night, there’s not much opportunity to go for a run or answer emails.

So, school is back and it’s time to re focus and decide what my goals are going to be and more importantly how I’m going to achieve them. Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees, so here are some tips to help you (and me) focus on what the future holds.

1. Pick a time frame.

Keep it realistic, don’t set a goal of 8 weeks to loose 2 stone if your not going to be able to put the effort in. Be honest and set the time frame accordingly.

2. Within that time frame allocate your days/hours.

If you’re like me you’ll need to spell it out for yourself,  on Mondays I will focus on social media updates on Tuesday I will do the weekly shop, obviously things change day by day but if you know where you should be it’s easier to keep track.

3. When you start out, keep it simple.

Don’t set 8 goals a day, set one or one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Once you start prioritising and achieving what you want and need to, you can increase your goals.

4. Practice makes perfect.

The more you practice goal setting and prioritising, the more it becomes like second nature and the more you’ll achieve.

5. Whatever the goal is map it out.

Job searching is a good example, I know a number of women who will be looking to get back to work now schools in. Here’s an example of a “Getting the job” map;

Update your CV, research companies, research job boards, job hunt, tweak CV, write cover note, apply, contact companies to follow up.

6. Stay focused. 

This is so important in any goal, it was part of some motivational training I did once for people who’d been made redundant but it applies to anything really. If things aren’t going your way (didn’t get the job, run speed not getting faster) don’t stop trying, revise your plan, revise your time frame,  these setbacks can be disheartening but they can also be beneficial by helping you to revise your processes and help you refocus on your task.

Those are just a handful of suggestions to help you get on the road to achieving what you want. Whatever it is you’re going to pick up now summer is over, I hope you enjoy it and it leads to great things.


Jo is a mum of two who has worked in the recruitment industry for many years both for the UK and international markets, she runs a CV writing service that offers an affordable and flexible approach to create tailored documents for job seeking candidates, at whatever stage in their career.


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