We went to see A Christmas Carol

James and I had a lovely treat yesterday and went to see A Christmas Carol at the Proteus Theatre. It’s rare we get time just the two of us, with school, work, Chester and James’ very busy social life, including after school clubs, play dates, birthday parties – anyone else feel their social life pales in comparison to their kids??

In October we decided to have a monthly ‘date night’ where we’d go out just the two of us and do something nice together. He can be a totally different boy when you’re alone with him, when he’s not terrorising his brother, playing Minecraft, making me watch 500 Top Goals or firing Premier League stats at me, he’s a little legend and a treat to spend time with so it’s a win, win for both of us. Last month we went to see the Railway Children at the Mayflower (which was fab) and he chose our dinner venue for beforehand – pizza hut for a boy that loves pizza and ice cream! So not wanting to fall at the first hurdle and be a one hit wonder our November treat was to go to A Christmas Carol.

The show is for families and children who are 6+ and James has only just turned 7 so I wasn’t sure how his attention span would hold, but I needn’t have worried, he was hooked. The running time was 85 mins with an interval that was about 15 mins so a pretty good length. We saw it at the Proteus Theatre in Basingstoke, so it was a small relaxed production, held in an intimate space and James chose to sit in the back row!

There were three brilliant actors, along with some puppets that James loved, including a talking Christmas tree. The classic tale was brought to life in a way that was very funny, easy to follow and very relatable. James laughed out loud several times during the show and the audience interaction engaged all the children.

With a very strong message about humanity and kindness it’s a theme we all need to remember at this time of year and chatting to James in the car on the way home it seems to have been absorbed a little (hopefully!). We had to talk through it to make sure he understood why certain things had happened. I personally enjoyed it, found it entertaining and thought provoking.

A great couple of hours out, a show I’d highly recommend! It’s going on tour over the next couple of months so check out if it’s coming near you.


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