03.08.15 Selfish Mother

Selfish Mother… Telling it how it is

Selfish Mother is a collection of articles and videos from a whole host of global writers talking about the trials and tribulations (with a dose of reality and humour) of pregnancy and motherhood.

Parenting bloggers

Blogging as a parent is now common place as well as seemingly bloody lucrative if you’ve got a good one.

05.01.15 Pregnancy Exercising

Exercising during pregnancy

Do you want to exercise during pregnancy but aren’t sure of the best way to do it? The NCT provides some great tips summarised below: Exercise during pregnancy – general tips When you are

05.01.15 Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga – 10 min sessions

If you’ve only got a short time each day and want to practice yoga while pregnant then I highly recommend Katy Appleton’s series on YouTube, Katy runs Apple Yoga and has previously worked

28.10.14 Changing bag 1

Changing bags

The Babymel website has a lovely selection of changing bags, kids bags and lunch bags at really reasonable prices.

28.10.14 Maternity Dress 2

Maternity style

This morning I found a website bursting full of wonderful (and very affordable) maternity items for any mums-to-be out there.