All Bits Pretty

All Bits Pretty is run by Sophiena who lives in Southampton, with her partner Christopher and her son Colby, who is nearly 16 months old.

Sophiena works 4 days a week as a company secretary and recently started running “All Bits Pretty” in her spare time.

Her storage baskets are bespoke to each customer and are made just how their individual specification, all items are hand painted and designed to the customers imagination. The drive behind the business is that Sophiena was looking for storage for her son’s nursery and wanted something that was modern and more unusual than what you can find in the shops. Having made them for family and friends they encouraged her to sell them and the business was born!

Here are some of the beautiful bespoke pieces.

You can find Sophiena’s baskets on Facebook and Instagram:

Instragram: @all_bits_pretty




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