Why I Started My Own Business By Danielle Cooper

My name is Danielle, I’m a wife, a Mother and a small business owner (in the order they happened).  My daughter Rose is three and my little boy Isaac is nearly 9 months old.  My husband David runs his Design and Build business from our home in West Surrey, and last but by no means least, the final member of our clan is our dog Flo!

Prior to my second pregnancy I worked at Nike for seven years, as an account manager in Sales.  I loved every minute; opportunities were great & working in Soho was the best! But that aside, the downside to this great brand was something I only discovered once I’d had my daughter and my priorities changed, as they do when you become a parent. Part-time roles or flexible working was just not on their agenda.  Once I’d started back at work the Mum Guilt set in, and then to counterbalance that, when I left the office at 5pm every night with work still to do, the work guilt set in!  I knew that this was not going to work for me and I couldn’t maintain this lifestyle.  I know many parents that work full-time and I know lots of full-time Mums (not many full-time Dad’s sadly) and whatever choice you make it’s not easy for anyone, but it’s a part of life that everyone has to make fit somehow.

I’d always had in the back of my mind somewhere that I’d like to run my own business one day. Despite being an ideas person, I never really followed through on any, until now. I went back to work after my daughter with an open mind, but I soon realised that my initial concerns were confirmed and I had to rethink things. This is when it all started to became real! Real in the way that if I wanted to see my babies for more than 30 minutes a day then things needed to change in my work life.  This was the push I needed, and my kids were the motivation in actually helping me to think about what I could do next.
Oh So Box was something I started to dabble in shortly after having my son and within a few weeks, I had my brand design sorted, a presentation to suppliers written and I’d identified producers and suppliers that I wanted to approach.  I launched at Christmas 2017.
It’s certainly not been a bed of roses!  I’m juggling looking after the children, nurturing a new business, social media, dog walks and home life 24/7.  I still feel that I’m not giving 100% to anything, but I’m much happier, and in my own “winging it” style this is what I set out to do really.  I can’t do as much as I’d like with the business right now, but as the kids start to go to school in less than two years, then I’ll have more time.  For now I have to accept that it’s going to be a bit slower than I’d like!
The other tricky part of making a big career change is the adjustment from being financially independent and contributing to everything that we (my husband and I) built together, to having to rely on him as the main earner.  David is very supportive, but it’s very much ‘my thing’ that I’m choosing to do alongside bringing up the children. I’ve always known, as has my husband that I need to have some kind of work alongside being ‘their Mum’.

I feel like I’ve accomplished quite a lot, but really the toughest part is yet to come.  I’ve got to develop, grow, evolve, learn and fail (at some things no doubt) before I can really say its been a success.  The most important part of all this for me is that I did what I set out to do.  I’m right at the start of my journey but I’ve actually seen this idea through to launch and I’m here for my children when they need me!  You can find details about my bespoke boxes on the following plaforms!


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