03.10.14 Gluten Free

What is gluten free?

As the supermarket shelves expand with the choices of gluten free food I wanted to examine what gluten free food is and who should be buying it.

01.10.14-Graham and Green 6

Super stylish interiors

I have recently discovered Graham and Green an interior retailer and I have fallen head over heels in love with their style and their pieces!! Founded in 1974 by Antonia Graham, Graham and Green is no

01.10.14 I Quit Sugar Image

I Quit Sugar

Could quitting sugar provide you with the following benefits?   Reducing your afternoon energy slump Reducing stomach bloating after eating Reducing your ‘spare tyre’ around your wai

30.09.14 Shopping
30.09.14 Martin Luther King
30.09.14 Shared Parental Leave

Shared Parental Leave – the lowdown!

Shared Parental Leave is a new initiative designed by the government to give parents more flexibility in sharing the care of their child in the first year following their birth or adoption.

29.09.14 Scarf

If you love taking it easy in style…

Hush is an independent clothing label, set-up in 2003 and run by Mandy the Creative Director. Hush has an easy going and distinctive style.

Hello and welcome to the Daily Butterfly

Welcome to my brand new site the Daily Butterfly. The Daily Butterfly has been built to be a feel-good source of lifestyle information for UK women of all ages.


Secret Bookcase

How much would you love a secret bookcase, I adore this!


Bathroom Inspiration

            Beautiful inspiration for your bathroom, including roll-top baths, unusual sinks, mirrors and organisational ideas.


What effect does social media have on your kids?

We all know the effect social media (and smartphones) have on our lives, checking work emails at 3am, making sure you’re not missing out on the latest conversation in WhatsApp and wanting more l