Playground Politics – survival tips for new school mums

If you think helping your kids to make new friends is challenging, think again, welcome to the playground!! Joking aside sharing the start of a major event in your kids life is a sure way to bond and make friends for life. We’ve put together our top 10 tips for making that first year in the playground run smoothly.


Seek out ladies with a similar love for gin/wine/coffee/flavoured tea, delete as appropriate! You can tell my preferences due to which come first.


Keep out of your little angels playground rows, they will be thick as thieves tomorrow, you will be avoiding each other all year.


Look out for and lend a hand to a struggling mum, whether they’ve got one clinging to their leg or a sibling throwing a wobbler.


Help each other out, knowing that another mum will walk your child to school is a godsend if you have a surprise meeting or appointment.


Be positive about the school and teachers, this positivity will spread to your children and other mums.


Get involved, help out with PTFA events and attend socials, its a sure way to make new friends.


Don’t compete, kids are all different, theirs may be on Level 9 reading books but yours may be able to scale a climbing frame blindfolded, it doesn’t matter.


If your little angel is worried about something, speak to the teachers first, more often than not they will know what’s going on and will sort any issues without the need for a playground standoff.


Welcome any new starters, they will be nervous for their children starting a new school, your support will be invaluable in helping them settle in.


Remember you’ve got 7 years to get through and that’s if you’ve only got one child, smile and be nice!!


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