Birthday party ideas

Organising a kids party can be stressful, kids are prone to change their mind at the last minute and amend the attendee list multiple times! Luckily there are so many different options out there that range from fairly low cost up to blow the budget options. Whatever you choose the kids are sure to have a good time, we’ve listed a few below.

Paper Hat Parties

What do Paper Hat say about their parties?

Paper Hat offers unique and affordable art parties for ages 4-11 years. We design all sorts of projects such as puppet or hat making, create costumes or masks, and design hobby horses and castles. Tell us your ideas or theme and we will think of inventive and fun projects to make.

We arrive at your venue 30minutes before the guests to set up. The arts and crafts lasts 1 1/2 hrs. We bring music, bunting, balloons and games. All materials are included. Price: £160 for up to 15 children, £6 for each additional child

Waterfall Beads party

untitledThis is what the creator of Waterfall Beads says, most girls LOVE jewellery so what could be better than a glittery jewellery making party in the comfort of your own home! I do parties for girls from the age of five in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire & south London. They are very calm, pretty parties and completely stress free for parents! I also provide ‘Host your own Party Kits’ so if you would like a jewellery making party but live too far away, you can host your own fabulous party!

Local Country park

Even if its cold this party will work, arrange a place to meet your guests, ideally somewhere with lots of parking and somewhere to set up camp for a couple of hours. Encourage the guests to dress in waterproofs and warmly. When everyone arrives you could spend some time playing games, football, chase, whats the time Mr Wolf or duck duck goose. Hide and seek is always a hit too. If you want somewhere to sit pop to a fabric shop and buy some cheap oilcloth to use as a mat.

If you’re feeling brave you could attempt some crafts, pop to the poundshop or Primark and buy some cheap gloves, get some googly eyes and foam shapes from a craft shop and make your own monster gloves. Younger kids may enjoy just making nature pictures, bring some cheap card, PVA glue and pots and collect leaves/sticks to glue to the card.

 For food, I would keep it simple and serve soup in mugs with crusty bread, keep your cake simple too and you will be able to sing happy birthday out in the wilds!

Toadstools and Sprinkles

Here’s what Amber who runs Toadstools and Sprinkles has to say about her parties, another one to add to my future party list! Create your very own magical garden in a pot with all of your friends! We start with a story to set the magical scene!

We then look at some examples of gardens which have been previously made up, all pots have a hand made door attached to the front for magical creatures to enter. We then choose some plants which we plant together into your pot. Then children can choose from a huge variety of hand made accessories to create their garden. Finally we sprinkle some magic dust over the garden and hide a key! We offer fairy, unicorn, dinosaur and dragon themed parties and to keep all party guests happy you can mix and match up to two themes. Every child along with their magical garden will take home a certificate of achievement. I supply everything you will need to create a magical party, I can even supply the cake! I can cater for outdoor garden parties supplying a gazebo, if needed and also indoor parties are available too.

Teddy making

Make your own bear in the comfort of your own home, no sewing required. This has to be a hit with the younger party goers, kits start from £6.95. Kids can make anything from a dragon to a zebra or a cute teddy. You can even buy outfits and accessories if you want to get really carried away. I am so tempted to try this one for my 3 year old’s next party.

Soft Play

Soft play is not given the credit it deserves, essentially holding a party in one of these is like gathering a load of kids together in a padded cell and adding cake! Its great as the kids can run riot with minimum injury fears, food is provided and the parents can drink coffee without you lifting a finger. If you’re lucky a few enthusiastic dads will chase the younger party goers round on their knees so that you can save your best jeans on that occasion. If you’re really lucky they will have a mascot who will come and thrill (scare) the little ones just before they go home.



The trampoline parties of my youth involved the leisure centre and a couple of big trampolines, with somebody getting their toe stuck in the little squares of the trampoline or the springs. These days its a far cry from that, the trampoline parks have 100’s of trampolines, air bags, obstacle courses and more. Kids 5 and up can jump without adult supervision. Oxygen Freejumping parties involve an hour of bouncing and an hour in the party room including food, jump socks and a party monitor.


Lots of leisure centres run football parties, most will involve about 60-90 minutes of football and 30 minutes for food. This is a great way to get sports mad kids up and running around, especially boys who might find sitting still for a party entertainer hard work. Super soccer stars parties will send an FA qualified coach to you, they will provide the invitations, bring the equipment and a card and present for the birthday child. Prices start at £95 for up to 22 children at a venue hired by you.



Much like a football party, this is great for kids who love to run around, the parties tend to be more focused on rugby themed play as not all kids play recreationally so won’t know the rules. Rugbytots run parties as well as their normal classes.

Beautician at home

This is one I quite fancy doing for my daughter, hire a mobile beautician to come to our house and pamper her and a small group of friends. At nearly 6 I think they’d be old enough to sit still for their nails to be painted. It would also work with someone coming to do glitter tattoos or a hairdresser doing hair up in Frozen style plaits. I would probably put on a little afternoon tea for them with scones, jam and cream.


This one is probably for the over 8’s as it would be a nightmare to take younger kids. Most involve massive pool inflatables and if you use a leisure centre, many party package include a host and party food.



The complete opposite to a football party, don’t invite anyone who can’t sit still or you’ll be having palpitations about broken china! Made by Me in Lee on Solent run lovely parties that include 1 hour of painting and 30 minutes food time, your will paint your own creation and the party child gets a keepsake plate to remind them who was at the party.

Sublime science

Multi award winning and seen on the Dragon’s Den, Sublime science parties are something a bit different. The party presenter will come to a venue hired by you, kids will be thrilled by magic tricks, experiments, making slime, sweets, bubbles, smoke and flying things. Best suited to kids aged 5-12.

Cookie Party


This is a lovely idea for girls and boys alike. You can be as creative as you like, the idea of making garlands from muffin cases is really effective (see link below). I also love the idea of putting cookies in a jar and making it into a game of guessing how many are in there. This is perhaps one that would suit a smaller group of children, you could pair it with making their own pizzas for their party tea.

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