Would you sell your home and travel the world with your children?

This is exactly what Kerri and Joe are planning to do with their children Bug and Mimi. We’ve got a brilliant opportunity to follow them as they embark upon this journey!

We spoke to Kerri to find out more…

When Gemma from Hampshire Mums asked us if we would be happy to write a post for them, we were more than happy to oblige.

Who are we?

We are a local family (born and raised in the New Forest) who have decided to sell our home and all our possessions and go on a world trip with our two young children (son aged 4 and daughter aged 2).

Me (Kerri), my husband Joe and our children nicknamed Bug and Mimi.

At the moment we plan to visit America, Canada, Hawaii, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia and more. We don’t know exactly how long we will be away and we don’t have a definitive list of places we will visit because we are hoping to travel as long as possible and to as many places as possible.


We’ve always loved holidays, who doesn’t? When we graduated University, we travelled as a couple through parts of Africa, Australia, Fiji and Thailand. Our love of holidays had definitely developed into wanderlust. While away we discussed our hopes and dreams for the future and number 1 was to have a family and number 2 was to show them the world!

The time elephants decided to drink out of our swimming pool in Botswana!

Sadly, a couple years later, we received the heartbreaking news that we would not be able to conceive children naturally.  After 3 failed IVF attempts we were out of money and out of hope. As awful as it sounds, we couldn’t be around our friends and family, or anybody for that matter. We needed to get away. We decided we were going to put our house up for rent, and get a working holiday visa to Australia.

The night before we signed our house over to letting agents, we were busy packing our things away into boxes when I came across an unused pregnancy test at the back of the cupboard. I decided it would be a waste to just throw it in the bin. So I did it. It was POSITIVE! Needless to say, our plans changed!

We stayed in our family home and were lucky enough to welcome our miracle baby boy into the world 9 months later. 2 years later I had the most amazing and memorable birthday, our beautiful baby girl decided to join our family.


Why now?

Every night I check on the children while they are sleeping and every time I have to hold back tears. I have that feeling many know so well, my heart is filled with so much love, so much pride and happiness. Every day I am amazed by something new they have learnt and I am in awe of how much they have changed, how much they have grown, in character and in size. I can’t believe how big they’ve got – I can’t believe my baby boy is now 4 and my baby girl is 2! Then you feel it. That sadness. It’s not overwhelming, not big or overly worrying but it is definitely there. They are getting so big. They are changing so much every day. We want to hold on to this moment, every moment. We want to treasure them and make every moment last. On one particular night a few months ago, we decided to make our dream of travelling as a family come true.

One of our favourite travelling quotes.

Why are we doing it?

We know what we are doing is not for everybody. Some people would love to do the same, others wouldn’t dream of it and many may be somewhere in between. We’ve always had a strong desire to travel and have dreamed of showing our children the world but there is one very simple reason why we are doing it…TIME. We want more time together as a family. It becomes so easy to be carried along by the current, to get into a routine (even when you’re not a particularly ‘routine’ person). Between working, pre-school, children’s clubs and chores we really don’t have much time. We want more time together.

We know at some point we will more than likely have to return and fall back into ‘normal life’ but whenever that may be we would have had this trip. However long it lasts and whatever we do, it will be worth it! Being able to wake up together every morning, spending all our days together exploring, admiring, growing and bonding – this trip couldn’t come soon enough!

Family fun at Longdown Dairy Farm to celebrate mine and Mimi’s birthday.

Big World Little Explorers – why blog about it?

I have always been an avid researcher which is in full swing with our world trip. Many hours and nights are spent researching destinations in preparation for our travels. Sometimes I am researching different types of accommodation whether this be a home away from home with Airbnb, a luxurious hotel, a campervan or a tent. Other times I am researching suitable activities like whale watching by helicopter, snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef or where to experience the best luau party in Hawaii. Other time is spent finding the most appropriate airlines, nearest and best hospitals, ways to combat jetlag and culture shock. All of this research has one primary goal: to ensure every aspect of our trip is child friendly and suitable for our family travelling with two children under the age of 5!

I have and am putting in many hours and a great deal of time to ensure our trip is as perfect as can be and I decided instead of keeping all of this research and knowledge to myself I wanted to share it with others.

So we created Big World Little Explorers. Through our website, our Facebook and Instagram accounts (@bigworldlittleexplorers) we share reviews for places to stay and activities suitable for families with young children and we rate them Gold, Silver or Bronze.  Many of our past and upcoming adventures are closer to home (e.g. New Forest, Bournemouth, Isle of Wight), we are adding to this regularly and will continue to do so as we travel the world.

I’m not sure who loved the jumping pillows more? Summer fun on the Isle of Wight.

Finding Fairies at Furzey Gardens.


Holding jellyfish while canoeing along the Beaulieu river!

We will also be sharing useful tips and information relevant to families travelling with young children e.g. how to entertain young children on flights, how to homeschool/worldschool while travelling, and how to access emergency medical care while abroad. Our aim is to inspire and inform other families with young children to have adventures locally or globally however big or small.


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