Meet our #MumBoss Emily!

About me: I’m Emily, and I’m the owner and class leader of Baby Sensory Portsmouth. I’m married with 2 children (Violet aged 5, and Bertie aged 1).


Mornings in the Christie household

This is an average morning in our household… “MUMMY is it time to get up yet?” Repeat… Repeat… Repeat… Okay this time mummy hears.


The joys of flying long haul with kids

Well that title was really just to pull you in (I know, sneaky) as there are no joys of flying long haul with kids, well maybe only one that I’ll come to later.

23.08.15 Life is short

No longer sweating the small stuff

Pretty regularly I’ll experience a wave of panic that life is passing by so very quickly and I’m not making the most of it.

Do It Your Own Way: My Advice to New Parents

Since falling pregnant you’ve probably been offered advice from almost every person you’ve come into contact with, be it your parents, friends, siblings, work colleagues, midwives, your bu

Lake Como

Oh how I love Lake Como. Working on the travel section of the site today and thought I’d share my love and some pictures of the most beautiful place I have had the pleasure of visiting.

Hello and welcome to the Daily Butterfly

Welcome to my brand new site the Daily Butterfly. The Daily Butterfly has been built to be a feel-good source of lifestyle information for UK women of all ages.