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Lambing and Other Animals At Miller’s Ark Farm

It’s currently lambing time in farms across the country and we donned our wellies and headed down to Millers Ark Farm in Hook, in the hope of witnessing lambing live!  Sadly, that wasn’t to be but the visit was still rewarded with lots of oohs and aahs and baby cuddles!

Having never visited before, I knew that my animal obsessed and wannabe vet daughter would love it.  The nearly 15 year old son, not too sure!  But give him his dues, he knew that he owed his sister, for all the hours spent sat in a swimming pool somewhere watching him swim!

The world’s friendliest goat!


First stop was the goats!  Food can be bought for a small amount of change but beware, as it won’t last long!  Despite the wet weather that day, all animal encounters were under cover and all overseen by very friendly and knowledgable staff.  We do love goats and  the baby pigmy goats were far too cute for their own good!  Fed, cuddled and a few coats nibbled, we moved on to the lambing shed. This involved some serious cuteness overload!


5 day old twins!

Despite no lambing in process (but lots of expectant mums taking it easy in the maternity ‘ward’) there were a few lambs that had been born only days before.  Little knitted jumpers helped to keep the cold out! It’s quite clear to see that Esmee enjoyed this immensely.  This was such a lovely experience for all involved. It was at this point though that I was reminded of the difference between a 13 year old boy and a nearly 15 year old – too cool for lamby snuggles but he did have a little tickle!

Thinking of ways to hide him in her coat!

Small animal holding was next, and amongst the guinea pigs was a variety of ducks and hens popping over to have a nose.  We saw one couple with a VERY content hen having a snooze on their laps!

Squeeky cuddles!

Before we went to Millers Ark, we were already aware of the miniture donkeys that were resident and although I was interested in the lambing, this was really the main attraction for me!  It was interesting to learn about the different generations at the farm, and see their individual characters .

One naughty little girl was not best pleased that no one wanted to play, so a game of jumping, nipping and nuzzling mum for attention ensued –  poor mum just trying to catch a quiet 5 minutes!!  A reminder that not much separates us mothers from the animal kingdom!

Mum wants a donkey!

We were very impressed  with our visit to Millers Ark and the dedication and enthusiasm of the staff.  A visit to the warm barn gives you an informative and visual timeline of the Farm, it’s staff and all the trials and tribulations along the way;  foot and mouth disease being it’s biggest challenge.

Food from the cafe is lovely and there is a wide variety of choice; the bacon rolls were much needed on a cold day, although I did feel slightly guilty eating them after our visit to to the piggies! There is plenty of outside space for the drier days and you can bring your own lunch to save on those pennies.

Esmee had the best day and despite the lack of photos, so did the teenager! I did manage to get a sneaky one of him having a moment with the farm dog though!


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