Antenatal Classes – The Daisy Foundation

Antenatal Classes and Birth Education, Relaxation, Breathing Techniques, Yoga Based Movements, Birth Hypnosis.Suitable Ages:

Times: 19:00-20:30

Facilities: Parking, Booking Required

Venue: The Totalcare Clinic, Botley SO30 2AA



Contact: Lindsay Kness

Contact Email:

Contact telephone number: 07398850801


Hear a little from Lindsay:

“I have always been passionate about supporting women and their loved ones during their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.  It’s this passion that led me to become a midwife.

Teaching Daisy allows me to spend more time with women and their families, building their confidence during their parenthood journey. I like the Daisy approach as it is non-judgmental and focuses on supporting women so that they can have a positive pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience.  Acknowledging and supporting them to make their own informed choices, that are right for them.

Both myself and my son enjoy meeting up with friends that I met through Daisy.  I believe having a support group is invaluable, and it is great that I can now offer a Daisy community to others.”

Daisy Birthing:

Daisy Birthing® is an all-encompassing active birth preparation programme focusing on you rather than the plan, on your confidence rather than your preferences, and on preparing for a positive birth – whether that is a natural home birth or a planned caesarean section and everything in between.

Daisy Birthing® is about you, your choices, your confidence and helping you to prepare in your own way. Our birth preparation options begin with our ground-breaking Active Antenatal™ classes, the Daisy Birthing® weekly classes for mums. This is the class which is making Daisy a household name in the world of pregnancy.

A unique antenatal class combining pregnancy yoga based movements AND antenatal education, breathing techniques and relaxation. Classes utilise a range of techniques including hypnobirthing, muscle memory, somatic education principles and more. Preparing for birth in an intimate group setting, tailored to your own birth choices.

We also offer a workshop that is separate to the weekly classes to attend with your birth companion Daisy Active Birth Workshop. This brings the best elements of our antenatal and active birth education together in a way that gives you an opportunity to explore your labour in-depth, and for your birth partner to learn a range of tools and techniques to support you on the day. Please enquire for further details.


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